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2017 OBA Day 4 : 08.17.17

It is another hot day…Students came to have their private lessons with instructors. OBA’ve heard from some instructors and said; even though private lesson time was over, Instructors couldn’t stop teaching when they saw their passions about learning. How nice our teachers are~ Also we had a mini concert during the break time by Students and Instructors together (Rhythm […]

2017 OBA Day 3 : 08.16.17

2017 OBA Day 3 -Started with our Instructor’s Performance as well especially today we found many talented students. If they get some teaching guide, we are sure they will find their great potential about music. That is why OBA is here to help you.^^ We had a mini concert during the break time by Students and Instructors […]

2017 OBA Day 2 : 08.15.17

Another beautiful day~ started with our Instructor’s performance as well and had lesson classes and  first ensemble classes. Also we had a mini concert during the break time by Instructors (Wind:David Tauler/ C.Bass: Richard Yoo/ Drum:Bhyung Kang). We caught some glimpes of Day2 in OBA. Thanks to our dedicated all instructors and staffs. Vocal: Sung Huh […]

2017 OBA Day 1 : 08.14.17

Always first day is a Big Day for us even though we’ve prepared all the things that we’ve planned for a long time. OBA started with Instructor’s welcoming Performance on 08.14.17 and thankfully everything went well. We caught some glimpse of our first day in OBA. Vocal: bora Ju / Drum: Byung Kang / Keyboard: […]

2016 미주 한국일보-The Korea Times

“최고 뮤지션들이 함께 합니다”

버지니아 헌던에 위치한 열린문장로교회(김용훈 목사)가 마련하는 ‘제 6회 밴드 아카데미’가 내달 15일(월)부터 19일(금)까지 5일간 진행된다.

2015 한국일보-The Korea Times(6회)

“재능 있는 실용음악인 양성” – 열린문장로교회, 7월27-31일 ‘밴드 아카데미’
보스턴 버클리 음대 출신 강사 대거 참여
워싱턴 지역 한인교회는 물론 실용음악에 관심 있는 10대 청소년들을 대상으로 수준 높은 강습을 실시하는 음악 캠프가 올여름 열린다.