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교회 예배팀을 위한 ODPC 밴드 아카데미 프로그램 안내

저희 ODPC Band Academy는 음악을 통해 지역 교회의 찬양팀들과 예배를 돕고 지역 사회를 섬기며 2011년 처음으로 시작하여 올해 8회째를 맞이하게 되었습니다. 교회의 예배 형식들이 점점 시대에 맞추어 현대적으로 변화되어지고 있는 시점에서 각 교회마다 예배팀(찬양팀)이 구성되고, 그러한 예배팀에 필요한 악기들(드럼, 베이스, 건반, 일렉, etc.)로 찬양을 하게 된 이 시대에, 버지니아와 메릴랜드 그리고 워싱턴 지역에서는 현대 예배에서 […]

Introducing OBA Programs for Worship Teams

ODPC Band Academy has been trying to help the local church’s praise teams through music, serving the community for the first time in 2011, we are now celebrating its eighth year. At a time when the church’s worship forms are evolving and becoming more modern, the instruments(drum, bass, keyboard, etc.) used in forming the worship […]

2017 OBA Day 4 : 08.17.17

It is another hot day… Students came to have their private lessons with instructors. We heard from instructors that even though private lesson time was over, they couldn’t stop teaching when they saw the students passion for learning music. How nice our teachers are~ Today also we had a mini concert during the break time […]

2017 OBA Day 3 : 08.16.17

2017 OBA Day 3 Today we started with our Instructors Performance as well. Today especially, we discovered many talented students. By continuing to receive instructor guidance, we are sure they will find their great potential through music. That is why OBA is here to help you.^^ We had a mini concert during break time performed […]

2017 OBA Day 2 : 08.15.17

Another beautiful day~  We started with our Instructors Performance just as Day 1. We had lesson and first ensemble classes. Also, a mini concert took place during break time by Instructors (Wind:David Tauler/ C.Bass: Richard Yoo/ Drum:Bhyung Kang). We caught some glimpses of Day 2 of OBA. Thanks to all of our dedicated instructors and […]