Calvin Park

Saxophone & Woodwind Instructor

About Calvin park

Academic Background

2007 – 2010 Bachelor’s degree from Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA

Notable Performances

Participated in the following tours: 김범수 (Bum Soo Kim), 휘성 (Wheesung), 거미 (Guh Mi), etc.
Participated in the following recording sessions: 김수지 (Soo Ji Kim), 곽상엽 (Sang Yub Kwak), etc.
Toured in China, Japan, Turkey, and Thailand

Significant Achievements

PCC Jazz Competition: 2nd Place
Instrumental Album: The Blessed

Ministry Background

Pastor, 주안에 교회

Teaching Experiences

2012 – 2014 Professor of Music, Bethesda University of California