Introducing OBA Programs for Worship Teams

ODPC Band Academy has been trying to help the local church’s praise teams through music, serving the community for the first time in 2011, we are now celebrating its eighth year.

At a time when the church’s worship forms are evolving and becoming more modern, the instruments(drum, bass, keyboard, etc.) used in forming the worship team(praise team) are organized in each church. In the Virginia, Maryland and the Washington area there is a lack of Christian musicians or teachers who can train music properly. So, the reality is that most church worship team members are in a difficult situation to serve worship through music.

ODPC Band Academy teaches the musical skills of contemporary music with instructors composed of top professional musicians active in the areas of Virginia & Maryland, Boston, New York, Texas, Toronto and Korea. The goal is to help churches to worship and the program also serves as a channel for believer musicians to convey the gospel through music to those who do not believe. 2018 ODPC Band Academy offers a variety of instrument classes and ensemble trainings. One of the special programs starting this year is a class called “Techniques of Worship Leading” with Pastor Sean Kim as the instructor, of whom has a lot of experience and active activity in praise ministry through vocal, acoustic guitar, and communication with the band.

In addition to last year, we have Instructor Young Min Kim, an engineer who served with ANOINTING. He will be teaching on the theoretical and practical aspects of sound engineering. During his stay, there will also be a program where he will visit churches and provide sound consulting services to those who request to do so. Please contact us at the address below.

One of the main goals of ODPC Band Academy is to serve local churches, so if you are a worship team member in your current church, you will receive a 15% discount. If you register with 4 or more participants in the church, there will be a 30% discount. In order to receive the discount, confirmation of the minister or staff member is required. Please, refer to attached PDF file.

We also have a scholarship program for students who are talented in music but have financial difficulties in getting music education. (Detailed application method is shown on our homepage.)

Please, pray for ODPC Band Academy to continue to serve the church and community through music education this year.

Thank you.

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