JT Kim

Bass Guitar Instructor

About JT KIm

Academic Background

Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Vocal from Humber College, ON, Canada

Notable Performances

Main Vocal, “눈물로 시련을 견뎌,” “기억하니” from the 김유신 2nd album – 나의 길
Chorus, Bora Ju’s Toronto Concert
Bassist / Vocal / Composer / Arranger, World Fusion Band – 7 Sould
Bassist / Vocal, 50s & 60s Rock N Roll Band – Rookie
Recording Sessions with many artists including Bora Ju, 원써겐 (once again), 폴킴 (Paul Kim)

Ministry Background

Bassist / Music Director, Praise Cathedral Worship Centre
Bassist / Music Director, Youth KOSTA
Bassist, Toronto KOSTA
Bassist, Toronto Mass Choir

Teaching Experiences

Bass / Vocal Instructor, Worship Canada
Bass Instructor, Teaching while touring Upstream Eastern and Western Canada
Bass Instructor / Worship Coordinator, local church
Bass / Vocal Instructor, College Prep at The Music Academy
Bass / Vocal Instructor, ODPC Band Academy